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Oil & Gas Lease Landgroup Start-Ups - Let our professional and trained staff bring more value for you. One of the biggest mistakes is landowners are signing gas leases without understanding the current market values. They put the carrot at the end of the string and instantly you and your family are signing on the dotted line. They know we are still struggling in this dilapidated economy, they know a couple of hundred dollars an acre might pay off some overdue debt. Their Landman represent the Oil & Gas company’s interest. Please remember that there are no costs to our services unless you choose to accept a lease offer that is presented. Other concerns arise as well, are they brokers, lease flippers, developers, how quickly will the leased land be developed. Leasing your Oil & Gas interest is a very important long term decision. The only motivating factor for increased value is by building mass acreage blocks. These companies cannot develop what they can’t sign to lease, essentially they need you, but at what cost. Landgroups have proven to increase signing bonuses, royalties and landowner friendly leases. We can help make sure that your family is covered in all aspects through our landgroup building process. Strength by mass is a proven Northeast system in which will heighten initial offers. Please do not make the same mistakes that so many of your fellow neighbors have made. Stick together, let us help you today.
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Expansion of Oil & Gas Lease Landgroups – Under many circumstances, we are able to expand to our landgroup after offers are presented. This time is usually limited and highly suggest contacting us once you hear of offers that were presented based on a landgroup that we formed. Generally speaking lease offers will decline once an Oil & Gas developer holds a strong position within a region. Don’t delay, we cannot add value within a region without the landowners partnership.
How Do I Get Started?

Tired of Waiting – We Purchase Mineral Rights – Under many circumstances landowners may want more money now. Whether it’s early retirement or struggling financially, we still have options for you.
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